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Shenandoah Films | Native American Videos

Shenandoah Films was a long-time producer and distributor of educational films and videos created by Native Americans, from the native perspective.  In the 1990's the original owners of Shenandoah Films curated a catalog of videos proudly representing over 90 American Indian, Alaska Native, and Canadian First Nations filmmakers and marketed the videos to the Institutional media market.  In the transition from VHS to DVD to digital streaming in the early 2000's and beyond, the Shenandoah Films brand struggled to keep up with the rate of change.  The catalog is currently a Legacy Project in search of a new mission.  The original body of work produced by Shenandoah Films is available at  

The archive includes films on such diverse topics as: Native American art, music and dance, culture traditions, addiction and substance abuse, education, health and wellness, the environment, and women’s issues, just to name a few. Shenandoah Films strived to be a resource for educational films that explore the lives and issues of Native American cultures.